Learn Social Media Marketing in just 5 Days

Are you struggling in marketing for your business? Or looking for a fresh start in your career?

If answer is Yes, then you have landed at correct destination. If you want to stand out from the crowd of other job seekers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs than learn the most sorted social media course from industry professionals.


Did you know?

Over 80% of jobs are now found in the informal job market (meaning they are not advertised). Having a personal website, an active social media presence, and a professional network to leverage for recommendations is more important than ever.


Based on so much information available online, you may be knowing below points for social media marketing:

  • You might have looked for the “best times” to post on social media

  • You might have been  consistent in posting content  per day

  • You would have subscribed to many fancy scheduling tool

  • You might have researched many  “right” hashtags on your posts

  • You would have made sure of  using good quality mage on all your instagram and facebook posts

  • You would have added links to a blog post  and written “link in bio” every time


And still…you’ve probably gotten ZERO results for you or your clients’ business.

So where is the problem? Why you are not getting the desired result.

Sounds like a catch-22!!

These problems can be solved if you have deep insight about digital marketing.

What if you learned how to create and execute a social media strategy like a professional?

Learn Social Media Marketing Online from industry expert Ruchita and Anshika. They teaches you PRECISELY how to execute powerful, metric-driven social marketing campaigns.

Just see the trailer of our social media marketing course

  • How social media marketing turns the image of your business

  • Selection of the right social media platforms to get your desired goals

  • Creating social media strategy based on season

  • Monitoring & Reviewing: One of the most ignored matrix of social media marketing

  • Creating and sharing viral content for your social media posts

  • Converting social media followers  into leads and loyal audience

Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects from across industries

  • Real business challenges

  • Run live marketing campaigns

  • Personalised feedback from industry experts

You can choose any 3 , based on your interest

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

Why choose us?

Personalised coaching with 1to1 sessions 

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