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5 hacks to Increase Organic Reach of Social Media Posts

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

After listening continuously from my fellow digital marketers that organic reach of social media posts is dead I decided to pen down that it doesn't dead but not definitely not easy. So how do we handle this "not so easy" situation? Read below tips that helped us promote many brands.

1. Know Your Audience: As it says always post relevant content which your audience can relate to and they are forced and like and comment on your post.

2. Be Responsive: If you want to see a drastic increase in your Organic Reach of the posts reply to all the likes and comments which you are audience are showering on you. If you see any celebrity accounts they try to respond to most of the top comments, if not with words they will reply with a smiley :-)

3. Content Strategy: We believe the content should be divided into 80 -20. We suggest you to strategize 80%of posts are product based and other 20%are current affairs, Quiz, memes, etc. If you are the audience of the page are new moms, we suggest to post memes or fun posts which a new mom can relate to like sleepless nights, no time for self, etc.

4. Share with the like-minded audience: Share, Share and Share. , In Social Media Sharing plays an extremely important role. Sharing the content with the like-minded audience at the right time plays a crucial role to increase Organic Reach. Again, The right time is different for different types of audiences. If you are audience are office goers, don't share your posts during office hours, we suggest you share after office hours timings.

5. Graphics and Videos: Make your graphics/creatives most colorful and appealing, your audience should keep their thumb down to like and comment before scrolling down on their feed.We suggest you post one video per week, depending on the products/services your brand is offering

Incorporating all the above points should help you to see improvement in the Organic Reach of your posts. This article was written completely based on our experiences after working on many products/services based brands.

If you are still struggling to see a change on the organic reach of your posts and if you think an expert can help you, book an expert consultation with She Digital Team dropping an email at ,we will be happy to help.

Ragha Sudha

Social Media Manager

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